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After 36 years I was notified by Social Security that I was overpaid by $210.60 because I was married. They also said that they received $90 in remittance.

Leaving a balance of $120.60.

I called Social Security as instructed where I was attended to by an extremely rude African American female. I am also African American. The last time I had to call this office I spoke to an extremely rude African American male.

I wanted to enquire why it took them 36 years to find this discrepancy. She took my enquiry personal. She acted like I owed her money. She asked me how I knew it was 36 years.

I told her because I have been married. I wanted proof, a check number, which bank was it deposited into? She was just being a sarcstic ***. When she answered she was abrupt.

I know rude people need a job too, but please put these people anywhere but talking to the public. She hung up on me and told me I could go to the website and find the form. She said I just owe the money and that's that. I became upset and you know what I am already I'll I don't need to be stressed by some NeNe acting angry AF/AM female.

I have had contact with these types of rude people before. I must be honest and say the White agents are far more professional. Social Security needs to fired rude people like this. Now my heart is racing.

She ruined my very good morning, which when you are disabled you don't have many. I gave her a poor survey. I wish they would fire all these nasty people I don't care what color they are, but when they are nasty you tend to pay more attention to who is being *** with you. She upset me.

I let her know it. This is not me. She acted as if she was better because she held all the strings. She had no right to not mail me the needed forms.

How does this woman know if I have access to Internet? She didn't ask.

She just hung up. I would love to call this incompetent woman a name, but I don't roll like that, but I would love to see all nasty, power hungry agents like her reprimanded or even fired!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Unprofessional agent.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #905428

For starters TROLL how can one tell over the phone what color a person is? GET A LIFE TROLL!!!!!

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