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I paid hundreds of thousands of dollars into SSA during my lifetime. NOW, they have cut my benefits for the 4th time.

I wanted to retire at 65, but they eliminated by spousal benefits entirely. They cut my benefits so I cannot retire at 65, now must work to almost 70. I get no spousal benefits, plus must work way past 65. When I start work, and I pay in to SSA during my lifetime, they promise me golden retirement at 65, spousal payments, etc.

It was a LIE. The government in USA is a scam, a bunch of lying stealing thieves.

Nothing but ***. The whole country is crooked politicians on the take for campaign donations from corporate GREED.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $999999.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #1326696

Nobody promised you a rose garden

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1183336

These lying conniving thieves stole money from my hard earned PAYCHECK every week without my authorization, THEN, the lied and stole my benefit checks when it was time to retire and i need money They have lied my entire life about my supposed benefits, only to eliminate them when i was ready to retire. LYING, SNEAK BUNCH OF THIEVES, GREEDY U.S.

GOVERNMENT POLICITIANS; then they all VOTE THEMSELVES a pay increase. BUNCH of lying thungs.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1326697

I suppose you wanted to collect social security disability and they denied you is the only thing I can think of and now you are mad because they told you to work instead of retiring early. Well you can work until age 62 and then still get rarly retitement

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