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I have been trying to straighten out a problem my husband is having with his Medicare prescription drug costs.Today I called Soc Security to follow up on the case and see if anything had been resolved yet.

The Soc Sec worker I spoke to was positively hateful. I was very taken aback by the rude and condescending attitude she took with me from the very start of our conversation, because the other workers I have spoken to over the last couple of days have been so courteous and pleasant. This woman was very put off with me because she got my call "by accident". She was not supposed to get any more calls as she was going on break in order to go to a "meeting".

I was taking up her time and she missed the "meeting" and she was not happy about it. Every time I tried to speak she said "no! you're not listening to me" and then proceeded to yell over me. Then she accused ME of cutting HER off and told ME to stop yelling at HER.

I couldn't ask or say anything without her getting very irritated with me and screaming that I was not listening to her. When I asked her how we were supposed to afford paying for my husbands prescription until the error was fixed she said it was not her job to help me. When I asked her for her name she said, seething with hate and very condescendingly "My name is Sabriiiiiina. I'm with the Phiiiiladeeeelphia call center!

I told you that at the beginning of the phone call and if you had been listening you would already know my name!".She had me in tears before I hung up.

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I've been severely PHYSICALLY disabled since 1978, I've seen first hand how the SSA has changed over the years, now I feel they are the most hateful people in America. I'm a 56 year old guy with major medical issues, I feel like they're trying hard to put me in an early grave, it's has been a living nightmare. Things started getting really bad with the quality of caseworkers in 2002, both state and federal, I can't believe they hire such terrible people to deal with disabled folks that desperately need their help.

Orange, California, United States #794986

Well maybe you should stop cutting her off and listen to her so she would not get offended.If you were not interrupting her you would know what she was telling you.

Thanks to your childish interrupting she probably had to repeat herself five times and was fed up and late for her meeting.

Are you sure it is your husband an not who has a disability.To me it looks like you have a mental disability.

to kevin richards Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #794987

Lol, careful now you might be hurting her poor feelings and making her cry.

to asad #805966

Again, a completely uncalled for comment and against the rules of this forum.

to kevin richards #805958

Completely uncalled for comment and against the rules of this forum.


What was there to be in tears about?People really have to develop thicker skins.

I really don't think this lady was rude from what you have said. I also don't think the conversation was exactly as you stated. For one thing if you pay attention right before a conversation is started, it will say something to the effect that the call may be monitored for quality control or something like that.

Any time I call my SS Office there is a recording something like that.

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