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You're NOT alone! The fact they accused you of having help paying for your rent $500 and later conjured up some BS of an overpayment so they could reduced your monthly checks is definitely NOTHING NEW!

This is a COMMON practice that I've became aware of with the SSA OFFICE and NOT just an isolated incident.. I've been there with these MORONS and their screw ups, double talk, inconsistent and ccontradicting information from one *** to the next and "NO ONE" NOT ONE OF THOSE MORONS could give you a straight answer! They screwed up your claim and then turned around and accused you of not turning in paperwork or some "LIE" just to cover up their own screw ups and the fact that.they.NEVER tell you the truth about anything but contradicting information, one after another. I've become familiar with these LIARS and their unprofessional attitudes with little or no knowledge of what they're doing.

Every person I spoke to.. says something inconsistent or contradicting to the last SSA employees 's comments and it's a continuous roller coaster. I received a letter from SSA stating they owe me money from 2 months ago and later send another letter of overpayments that I owed 2 months ago. So, it's completely idiotic and outrageous!

I think they deliberately do things on purpose to screw people over and NOTHING surprises me after seeiNG SO MANY HOMELESS PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY! I was also "HOMELESS" myself. These government agencies are NOT helping people...but rather discriminate, oppressed, screwed up their benefits and their applications. ..

just by some ***'S ABUSE OF DISCRETION! That's my opinion and I have a "RIGHT" to it considering I have several family members served in the United States Armed Forces and continued to this day. And I'd like to tell the "IGNORANT" SSA employee who insulted me by telling me "I was getting free money!" NOTHING IS FOR FREE! My heart goes out to the single mom who lost her husband who was a service man and now she's trying to get benefits for her children which the SSA kept denying.

NOTHING IS FOR.FREE! I'd like to point out to that" IGNORANT" SSA employee who insulted me by saying this.. "Next opened your snooty YAP and looked down on people like me... JUST REMEMBER.


my family members served in the military for this country so people" like you" can.enjoy your "FREEDOM" and opened your Ignorant YAP.. without thinking and insult people like me without good cause ."

Product or Service Mentioned: Social Security Administration Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Appleton, Wisconsin, United States #1255941

amen brother.record all phone calls with them.could be handy generals office etc..those crooks should be stopped.insulting people seems to be their specialty.

Muncie, Indiana, United States #1251160

As a vet, much respect to your family members that served. And, even as annoying as you were in this comment, you are correct: It is your RIGHT to type gibberish.

But, I can say I am not a fan of people trying to use OTHER PEOPLE'S MILITARY SERVICE as their own. Stop with that nonsense.

As someone that's been paying into SS for three decades, you must be confusing the SS office with your welfare agency. My money is going into SS so I can retire. Not so you can avoid working.

By the way, if your entire point of a rambling post is to call people "ignorant" and "morons", at least you could attempt to write a sentence in English.

This is why I worry about SS when I retire.

I don't think about it too often, but when I do, it's eye-opening. Idiots like you are taking my money!

to offconsumerpissed #1255956

off consumer pissed. you are an ***.and u call yourself a vet.

ya right ! ss screws over vets that have paid into the system too,you arrogant p.o.s. what do you think about that,private? when u retire,givem a call,***.

i mean, private ***.you are the one that is annoying.not the person who shared their experience at a horrible ssa office.maybe your office in muncie indiana isnt so bad. i guess youll find out when u retire.karma is a ***,private.remember that..

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