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My husband decided to withdraw his application to start receiving his benefits. He filled out the form necessary before going in.

When we got to the window and stated our reason for being there, the worker sighed deeply and said "This is a lot of work for us when you guys do this". Really? REALLY???

I was livid! What is wrong with these people!

Product or Service Mentioned: Social Security Administration Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They take your money....and play like they haven't received any information from you....until you keep going in there to complain....I want my back payment!!!!!! I guess maybe they think we are incompetent and won't speak out....But I'm tired broke and I have no faith in our system at all......So sad

to Anonymous Alma, Michigan, United States #1164113

I agree! I not only lost benefits, and retro pay, I had to listen to a worker tell me my husband was young, handsome, and could cheat on me at any time.

She quoted " he has nice grey hair it can happen" . This after listening to her life story of divorce, now they will not return any calls, and are checking to see if I qualify for Ssi. I went into that office in a wheelchair with only one leg!

Sooo sad. I'm not taking it.

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