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I understand that it is not the job of the social security office to provide customer service, but treating people with a base amount of respect would still be great. I had the misfortune of visiting the Social Security office in Hamilton, OH three times.

On each of these times I was called to the window of Mrs. Jones. The first time, I approached the window, explained what I was doing and was asked what documentation I had. As I started to respond, I was interrupted and informed by Mrs.

Jones that she would tell me what I needed. I was informed that I didn't have the necessary documentation and given specific instructions about what to bring the next time. I was disappointed but understood. A few days later, I went back in with the documentation requested.

Once again, I was called to the window of Mrs. Jones. I was again asked rudely what documentation I had but was prepared for the interruption when I opened my mouth to speak. I waited for her to ask for the documentation and, after reviewing it she informed me that it wasn't enough and informed me of additional documentation I would need.

Despite being exactly what she had told me to bring. The way she spoke to me and my frustration that she was refusing to acknowledge the situation was caused by her giving me the wrong information and then being condescending about it afterwards had me in tears my entire drive home. On my third visit, I again brought in what she had told me and waited an hour and a half to be called to the window of Mrs. Jones.

On this visit I had the unfortunate need to interact with a man I believe was meant to be the security guard. He sat at the front desk talking on his phone for about half an hour while people stood nearby hoping to ask him a question. When he finally ended the call he answered an older gentleman's question about where to leave documents that just needed to be dropped off by gesturing to a poorly marked metal box with an eye roll. When I dared to ask if I could borrow a pen to correct a date I had written down incorrectly he informed me I could not because people steal.

When I was eventually called to Mrs. Jones' window she asked my where I had gotten the documentation I brought in. When I started to tell her she interrupted and asked me, in a more accusatory way where I had gotten it. I informed her and she turned back to her computer without comment.

The people who I had the misfortune to deal with at this office are rude and need to be held accountable for how they treat people. I am absolutely appalled that they felt this was an acceptable treatment of the people patiently waiting in their lobby.

Product or Service Mentioned: Social Security Administration Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You didnt say the reason for going to the SSA office. It would make more sense to me if you said, I went there to get a new SSA card and Mrs. JONES told me to bring, "this, and this and this." I dont get what you were trying to do


I was treated the same way at the "window" of injustice at SSA. Knowing that the security guard would remove me if I began to yell, I told her I didn't appreciate her rudeness and then I left.

I was NOT done with them and decided that I would call the Office when I got home. Before I say what I did, all of you must be absolutely certain that you are in the right and they are wrong. You must have done everything that was asked of you the FIRST time (that BS of Mrs. Jones requesting more and more docs is wrong and you should have taken action the FIRST time).

So, knowing I was right, I had done all they asked of ME, I had the absolute right to do what I did.

I went home and called the SSA Office. When the person who answered the phone wouldn't (NOT couldn't) help me, then my voice rose and I asked for HER boss. When her boss wouldn't (NOT couldn't) help me, my voice rose even further as I asked for HER boss.

Finally speaking with the Director of that office, I basically went bat-*** nuts on her. However, I had to do this because they were withholding MY monthly benefit payment and that was SO wrong. I had no money to feed my kids, put gas in my car, fix the brakes on my car, etc. NO money!

I just kept reiterating that they were holding MY money and I needed to be paid immediately - like that day. No, I was not calm because I was desperate and I was in the right. I did get what I was due that day.

I would not take extreme measures like that unless I was absolutely sure that I was right and they were wrong. Job well done on my part!!


whenever you have a problem with someone in any government agency, you should immediately demand to speak to the office manager to whom you can express your concerns about the attitude and/or performance of the employee. You do not have to put up with the nonsense you encountered.

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