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My daughter, now an adult, was diagnosed in 2001 (age 6) with Acute Lymphoblastic Large Cell Lymphoma and Leukemia. She received treatment from 2001 to 2014 at an Internationally Known Children's Hospital.

Her diagnosis and treatments in saving her life resulted in recessed growth, development, and neurological damages. In December 2014, she endured a stroke (TIS). Although she was granted benefits, her benefits ceased after her 18th birthday.

She is now 23, unable to obtain GED, participate in activities that are normal for a mature 23 year old, obtain and hold a job position due to the State of Tennessee's Employment Standards, nor is she able to financially sustain a healthy and manageable means of living without the support of her parents. I am angry that the SSA has completely discredited her medical records of over 14 years of treatment from a very reputable hospital and that they have been biased in their decisions based on government appointed staff, including the judges, without being allowed full disclosure of her medical and daily living habits that will be obvious in reaching an ethical decision in her determination of eligibility benefits.

Product or Service Mentioned: Social Security Administration Benefits.

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