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I recently called Social Security on behalf of my husband. He is pretty much completely deaf soi do the phone conversations. After waiting 1 hjour I get a call from Phyllis. I identified myself and told her of my husbands i9nability to her well. First words out of her mouth were :well I am in an office and will not raise my voice. if I can't identify him he will have to go in to an office that's it! not a very nice greeting . so I handed the... Read more

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I recently applied for benefits. Paperwork was submitted in May, i called in July to get an update they said call back next month. I called this Month only to be told to call someone who is handling my case but is on vacation. I left a voicemail and never received a call back. I called for an update the rep Mr Lynch was trying to stall me he didnt and couldnt give me an update. I received a call from his supervisor today and wanted to know if i... Read more

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I have been having several problems with the SSA since they transposed my account number for my direct deposit when i recently changed banks. I have made over 13 phone calls to the 800 #. I have made several calls to my local SSA (University City Philadelphia, PA). I was advised to go to my local office & provide proof of my medical condition & to bring with me my empty med bottles & that they would release my check. Why they were even... Read more

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The recent SS announcement about adding a new multi-layer access method to using mySocialSecurity is a step in the right direction but as usual they don't seem to give a hoot about that small percentage (in their opinion) who will get impacted. If you don't have a text capable phone then you won't be able to use online services since a text phone is the only way they will deliver a required access code. They are being mandated to do this but... Read more

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Im disable and have a dr on july 25,2016.Im not go be able to go cause the judge is holding back on helping me i have a mental conditon and a lower back dis in back. I havnt had my meds since they took my insu,benfits from me with no reson and i have took both exams anf they have approved me to get my benfits back and inrsu and judge havnt sent papers to ssi office so i can start back on my stuff im suffering. My name is rochelle denice allison... Read more

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Im in an appeal. My checks stopped 3 months ago and my healthcare though i sighned all the paperwork. So i call friday to the merced office and the women who wouldnt give me her name said i may not speak in my own behaf about my social security claim. I didnt understand as it is my social number ,she said only my lawyer was to call,l requested that months ago. So i said well if its my request ,i reaiest to change it ,pkease tell me where my... Read more

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It's really so ridiculous that the Concord, NC office cannot get paperwork from their Dropbox to the caseworker's desk. They sent me a letter saying I had failed to respond to their request for review paperwork. I delivered it to their Dropbox well before the deadline.

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I had to change my direct deposit. The bank didn't give me the correct routing number. I made 6 calls to Social Security. No one gave me an answer as to where my check was. Told me I had to go an office. Called again the next day and was helped. Could have changed it online. Wasn't told. Three to four days to get my check now. Read more

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You are either blatantly lying or wildly uninformed about Social Security. Under federal law, the most Social Security you can have withheld from your check is $7,347. And that's only if you make $118,500 or more. Therefore, it would take you nearly 14 years to have $100k withheld for Social Security. And that's the 2016 figure, so you had less withheld in previous years. Anyway, let's say you aren't full of BS. It would have taken you nearly... Read more

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